From 5th January 2021

National Lockdown Tier 5

At this point unfortunately it is uncertain when we can reopen. Once we receive confirmation we will need to start first with rescheduling clients appointments that had to be cancelled from 21st December.

The online booking system has been temporarily disabled so that we can manage rescheduling the bookings ourselves just at the very beginning.

In the meantime, we wish everyone a happy new year for 2021. We are all really looking forward to seeing you soon.

For any enquires including our products please email


Please visit our ADVICE PAGE if you need some tips on colouring your roots, or cutting your fringe at home.


Women's Cut

Cut and Blow Dry: £66


Hi-Lights Full Head* From £113

Hi-Lights Half Head* From £93

T-Section* From £76

Ombré From £103

Balayage From £103

Men's Cut

Men’s Cut and Finish: £52

L'Oreal Colour

L’Oreal Tints/L’Oreal Semi-Permanent From £61

L’Oreal INOA Tints From £63

Full Head Bleach From £76