Hi Guys – We hope you’re staying safe and well. We don’t know exactly when and how we can reopen yet. Here is a bit of advice to help you get through this difficult time if you need some tips on COLOURING your hair at home or CUTTING your FRINGE  ( if you have one!)


  1. Your safest option would be to just use a touch up root spray or powder product, as these wash out.
  2. Please note that you’d need to make sure this has been washed out before you go back to the salon, as it can cause a barrier and prevent the colour taking.
  3. If you are going to put a colour on stick to a semi permanent as this will cause less problems down the line when revisiting the salon.
  4. Always aim for a lighter colour than you think you require as home kits often turn out much darker than expected.
  5. Once on the hair this can not be lightened using another colour.
  6. If the colour is not dark enough you can always go slightly darker.


  1. If you are considering trying to cover your roots, we strongly advise that you don’t try to at all.
  2. This could cause quite big issues when returning to a salon.
  3. Highlights may not be able to be applied directly over pre-coloured hair.
  4. Artificial colour will not lighten another artificial colour.
  5. Hope to you see you soon!


  1. Wash and blow-dry your hair into place.
  2. Tuck or clip back any hair that is not part of your fringe.
  3. Never cut your fringe when your hair is wet.
  4. Only cut your hair when you are sober!
  5. Make sure you use a sharp pair of scissors ( not kitchen scissors)
  6. Using a mirror start in the middle of your fringe hold the scissors vertically and gently point cut taking a little bit at a time.
  7. Avoid cutting across your fringe horizontally.
  8. For a softer fringe hold your fingers or comb a few inches above the outline and then very gently deep point cut to create a more feathered effect.
  9. For an even softer shape maybe leave a bit more length at the sides dropping down as you come around to the end of the brow bone.
  10. Stay Safe – especially with the scissors!